Thursday, March 6, 2008

Makes Rose smell sweeter

The steriod scandal that's rocked baseball makes former player Pete Rose's bets on the Cincinnati Reds seem almost innocuous.
A few years back, Rose zipped down the steps of the Marion, Ill., federal penetentiary where he'd served his gambling sentence.
Scores of reporters, photographers and TV cameramen -- some from as far as Japan -- jockeyed behind a yellow crime scene tape to capture the moment.
Rose, in a navy Member's Only jacket, jeans and white sneakers, pretended not to notice, hopping into a hired black sedan.
He didn't do juice, HGH or andro. Nope. He got high on good ole' adrenaline.
So while baseball grapples with whether to let stand home run records set by super-human Hulks, perhaps it's time to absolve Rose and make him eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame.
What say you?

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