Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What it is

Golden handcuffs. That's how some folks think of their jobs.
But lately I'm reminded of just how much more a job can be.
It's a ready-made family --no matter how dysfunctional. It's inside jokes. Shared history. And daily structure.
Perhaps most importantly, it's one's contribution to the world, not to mention identity and raison d'etre.
Monday, I'll punch in at a new job. And I'll gain all those intangible perks.
The paycheck's gravy.


Kelly said...

I'll remind you of that when you get called in on your day off to cover a story ;)


The Skinny on North Idaho said...


Glad to have you back in the family.

And I can't wait till the snow melts so I can wear my kickass boots instead of my moon boots! Tho my moon boots are freakin cool, too!