Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Rightness of Being

Long before Oprah popularized gratitude journals, I began counting my blessings.
Even in the darkest circumstances, the list picks me up.
Among a multitude of other things, I'm grateful that:
  • My mood default setting is optimistic
  • After a lifetime of fighting a proclivity to be fat, keeping fit is second nature and I've accepted my body style: Zaftig
  • My sense of humor works overtime
  • My phobias are few
  • I come from a large, lively, loving Italian family.
  • Work is my friend


1 comment:

The Skinny on North Idaho said...

- This snow will melt.
- If I can afford the gas to drive there, I can walk to the grocery store to buy another half rack of Miller.
- I know I could come up with more than that if I really tried :)