Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another bright spot in wasteland

"Break Bad (v.) 1. to challenge convention 2. to defy authority 3. to raise hell," according to

It's far fetched. Rotates on gallows humor. Tends toward the macabre.
And is one of the best TV series not produced for HBO.
Breaking Bad follows a high school chemistry teacher who's been on auto pilot for years. But when he finds out he has late- stage terminal lung cancer, he embraces life with reckless abandon.
Actor Bryan Cranston plays teacher Walter White.
To build a nest egg for the family he'll be leaving behind, White hooks up a looser of a former student. Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, who is a self-proclaimed meth-making"artist." In their new partnership, White bubbles by night and Pinkman distributes to a seedy network of established customers.
Nothing goes smoothly for the two--as the picture above illustrates. The fiascos that befall these guys will have you howling.
Episodes one and two are in rebroadcast on the AMC cable channel and streamed free on the AMC Web site,
Hopefully this will tide you over until Hollywood's writers begin churning out new material.

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JeanC said...

We've got the 1st three episodes sitting on our DVR waiting to be watched. I think I know what we are watching tonight.