Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Suck it up

Forget the Bas Mitzvah. Quinceanera, too. A girl's right of passage in the 60's was her first girdle -- a necessity then.
Panty hose hadn't been invented yet. Nylons had to be fastened by wire to rubbery tabs sewn into the girdle. (See photo above).
Even taut cheerleaders sported girdles in those days--and they didn't have a thing to hide. Or minimize.
Today's woman can put synthetics on her side (as well as her waist, thighs, buns and bust).
New, sleek shapewear is effective and feels good -- unlike its ancestors.
A recent column in the New York Times suggested women purge the ugly from their undie drawers and go for Spanx or Flexees.
Get a look at how they firm your curves atwww. spanx.com or http://www.maidenform.com/
So forsake the fad diet. Just limber up the credit cards.
After all, if you want to stand out like the Eiffel Tower, you MUST start with good foundations.

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