Thursday, February 7, 2008

For the health of it

Because I'm without a health club membership right now, I'm sneaking more exercise into my day.
My heart has to have it. And it's the best antidote against lapsing into a penguin's body double.
So while my dog runs off leash in a field, I've taken to doing squats and standing leg exercises outdoors. In winter coat, hat and gloves. It's not as exotic as the fitness queens whose TV routines take place on breath-taking beaches. But it'll do.
I also splurged on a sleek, new $24 pedometer. About the size of a credit card, it's flat and thin and fits in a back pocket.
The daily goal: 10,000 steps or about five miles. I wear the little ticker morning to night. It subconsciously spurs me to step up my activity.
Takes 21 days to create a habit, I've read. I'm five days into the program.
At this rate, I might just make it to my first spring Bloomsday ( after all.

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