Friday, February 22, 2008

Making do

Say what you will about the recently-approved U.S. economic stimulus package, it's being enthusiastically welcomed by those eeking out a living on Social Security, SSI or a small pension.
One 77-year-old woman said although the anticipated $300 won't be enough to fix her leaky roof--it will enable her to replace the 28-year-old mattress that's giving her back aches.
Another retiree said it will be a gift equal to half her monthly stipend.
A third said it will bring a little relief into a world devoid of the "three C's."
Cars, cable and cell phones.
"They're luxuries," she tells her friends, "not necessities."
Yep. The government did a good turn, extending a hand to America's old, infirm and disabled.
I just know they're going to do their part to spread the good will around.

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