Sunday, February 17, 2008

Break through

An artist once told me when he began a new painting, he could see in his mind's eye the glorious result.
Somewhere along the way, however, he found he had to 'work through the ugly part of the painting.'
Our region is doing just that: Working through the ugly part of winter.
Cavernous potholes. Sloppy puddles. Filthy cars coated in oily, gray road de-icer.
Yet in the coming weeks, the sun will glow longer. Skies will turn robin- egg blue. And a riot of blossoms, grasses and flowering trees will help us forget about this mid-winter grime.
A new landscape will emerge resplendent -- think of as the spring collection of an Old World Master.

1 comment:

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

Here's to buttercups and crocuses (sp???)

I too, am looking forward to spring!